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Turn10, LLC |
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Why you should choose


    Our CFOs and Controllers have a minimum of 15 years experience in industry. We’ve built and managed accounting departments, implemented accounting systems, managed DCAA and other audits, lead or assisted in acquisitions, and much more.


      We pride ourselves in maintaining a stellar relationship not only with our clients but also within the Government Contracting community itself. It’s a small world!


        Technology should be used to increase ROI and not detract from it. At Turn10 we know how to harness the power of your existing systems and make them produce valuable data and measures important to you. We can also provide value added enhancements that extend the life of those systems and maximize the capacity of your existing staff providing you with measurable annual cost savings.


        Check out this video where our Managing Director, Don Acker, is interviewed about iDashboards!

        We are great at what we do

        In all of our engagements we look for ways to save time which in turn saves money.

        Our unique capabilities with the use of technology set us apart from the competition.

        Core Services

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          CFO/Controller Resources

          Government Contracting has many rules and regulations that must be followed regardless of whether you are the prime contractor or a third-tier subcontractor.  Often times this can be a difficult business to navigate.  If you are focusing on building your business with the government you want to ensure you’re doing it right and following the rules.  You know that not following those rules could result in significant penalties that could cripple your business.  Handling this can be a tremendous administrative effort requiring significant resources.  If you are a small company, hiring these resources full time could rob the bottom line of valuable profits.  This is where Turn10 comes in.  Our CFOs and Controllers have at least 15-20 years of experience in this industry working for small to medium sized businesses.  We know the pitfalls and obstacles, and twists and turns you will go through and we can help coach your business through them.  Use us as little or as much as you like, we’re there when you need us.

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          Turn10 has worked with many of the most popular accounting systems on the market and we have the experience to help you decide which system is right for your business.  We have hands-on experience working with systems from QuickBooks to Deltek’s GCS Premier and have a strong working knowledge of how these systems work not just on the surface but deep down to the data tables and relationships that drive these systems.  This knowledge lends itself well for assisting clients in implementations.  We can perform implementations on these systems but many times we’re brought in to assist other teams in implementing making sure that the clients business needs get properly translated.  We also have experience selecting and implementing systems that compliment the accounting system such as Unanet and Deltek’s Time & Expense for time and expense collection.

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          You spend countless hours getting data into your systems only to spend countless hours trying to get that data out of that system.  Your accounting staff works for hours sometimes manually re-keying that data from reports out of the system into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.  Worse yet, you have data that you can’t access because the system only has limited reporting capabilities.  Sound familiar?  We’ve been there!  In fact, we became so frustrated with this problem that we built a solution to help solve this problem.  One of the biggest offenders has been GCS Premier.  GCS Premier collects nearly every data point you would possibly need as a government contractor.  The problem?  There isn’t a way to get to it!  Turn10 has built a solution that taps into that data and extracts what you need to run your business.  Our motto?  If you’re hand keying an Excel spreadsheet more than once let us automate it!  While we are accountants by trade, we are technologists by hobby.  We love to find ways to automate using technology and watching our clients resources morph from using data entry skills to becoming quality assurance specialists.  Make the data you worked so hard to get work even harder for you.

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          Taking reporting to the next level and making it come alive is something we’re passionate about.  Using our data extraction techniques in the background coupled with our cloud based dashboard solution provided by iDashboards we have created interactive dashboards we’ve termed “Telemetry”.  We’ve created dashboards for executives, program and project managers, accounting departments, and others that combine data from the accounting system (sometimes multiple accounting systems), time keeping systems, payroll databases, and even simple Excel spreadsheets.  The possibilities of visualizing your data are literally endless.  Trying to describe this in words wouldn’t do it justice so click here to see a live demo of some of the dashboards we’ve created.